How to participate

We welcome everyone to participate, the more expertise and viewpoints we have contributing to the project the more successful it will be. There are four ways to join the Data Transfer Project:

Process to participate in Data Transfer project

You can learn more about the project on our GitHub page. Please contact to express your interest and learn more about the best way to join the project. In addition:

What providers may participate in the Data Transfer Project?

The DTP facilitates the transfer of an individual’s data between providers. For a provider to be included in the Project, they have to provide export (and ideally import) functionality for some or all of their users’ data. *(If the organization is a Partner, they should plan to build import functionality due to the principle of reciprocity.) Functionality may be executed through a public-facing API or other reasonable substitute. Code for some providers may have been included in the repository via contributions to the developer community, who can utilize public-facing APIs to build an adapter.